the wam bam band gigs



June 1998 and somebody wanted a soul band for their wedding in a barn. So we made one up - The Wam Bam Band was born. Originally a 15 piece, we've slimmed down a bit since then to a 12 piece with; four horns, four singers and a four piece rhythm section. Based around Wirksworth in Derbyshire, we've played as far a field as London, Reading, Oxford, York, Birmingham, Northampton, Leicester and the south of France !!

A motley crew comprising; nurses, probation officers, teachers, lecturers, computer programmers, students and retired clergy and social workers, we try to bring a smile to the face and a tap to the feet so, put on your dancin' trousers !!

"The last time I had to queue like that for tickets for a gig [The Wam Bam Band Christmas gig 2019] was for Led Zeppelin in Bournemouth in 1971."

"... wonderful on Saturday night, kept me dancing for three hours, having difficulty moving today ..."

"Do you do any Katy Perry ?"

"I would like to thank the Wam Bam Band for last night, you was truly amazing and you made the event what it was !"

"you should be on Jools Holland you should"

"the girls and the men! want to know where your saxophone player got her amazing legware from"

"What a great night, everyone loved your music, the question being asked is when can we have you back!"

"my better half thinks you are fab - mad but fab"

"Saturday was brilliant, a few friends of mine came along too and also loved it, great gig!"

"the night went brilliantly with The Wam Bam Band raising the roof on the marquee as usual

"you're ****ing brilliant you are"

"next time we'll get a bigger tent"

"...... to capture the magic of this band. It's music like it should be, with full-on audience feedback. The band don't play together that much, but when they do-WOW"

"there's a really good trumpeter called Rat in the Wam Bam Band and it actually sounds better than Moosels" (no idea)

"I prefer stuff like Pink Floyd really but that was so tight"

"that's the best gig I've ever been to and that's quite a few" (?,!)

"love the sharp suits"

"are you in the band ? - oh yes I'd never forget a face like that"

"we like The Wam Bam Band ...... especially the sax section and the backing singers !!"

"I've followed the band for twelve years" (we'd only been around for five)

"I was completely overwhelmed"

"just reminiscing 'bout the great WBB concert on the 16th"

"we just danced the night away - brilliant"

"do you do any Elvis ?"

"what's worse than a beer festival with no beer ? - easy, a beer festival with no beer where the The Wam Bam Band aren't playing"